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MARK – Astral’s Campaign Optimization Service

Recall studies show that successful OOH advertising campaigns are based on well articulated media strategy (media selection, target, weight, length) and on visual appearance of advertising that meets certain specific criteria. The MARK Campaign Optimization Service provides Astral advertisers with strategic guidelines during key stages of campaign planning: Media Optimization and Visual Optimization.

Media Optimization

Media Optimization via our exclusive Geo-targeting system, allows you to concentrate advertising faces where your target audience lives, works, shops and plays, which results in an increased efficiency in reaching them.

Media Optimization

Who are your targeted

MARK firstly creates a detailed portrait of your target clientele using Canada’s most robust databases. It precisely defines the socio-demographic and psychographic profiles, their life style, their consumption habits and buying intentions.

Where are they?

Through its exclusive partnership with G5, North American leader in geo-targeting, MARK can retrieve information on consumers at a geographical scale as small as the zip code. MARK is the only service in the OOH industry that allows identifying precisely where your audience lives, works, plays and shops.

Which are the best OOH products to reach them?

After clearly identifying where to find your target clientele, MARK will analyze Astral’s inventory distribution and select advertising faces at the heart of these areas to optimize your Out-of-Home campaign.

Customers who have benefitted from Astral Geomarketing Intelligence

Astral out-of-Home customers

MARK – Visual Optimization

MARK’s Visual Optimization Service analyzes imagery and shows which elements will grab immediate attention, providing you with actionable results to optimize your designs for maximum impact.

A few seconds to catch the eye

In Out-of-Home, audiences are mobile and advertisers only have a few seconds to capture their attention. To attract the eyes of passers-by, OOH campaigns must obey the basic visual optimization rules.

Refine the visual attractiveness of your ad

Using software developed by 3M, MARK’s Visual Optimization Service helps you identify which key elements consumers will react to in the first 3-5 seconds of your viewing your ad (slogan, image, and logo). In addition, the visual sequence shows the most likely path the eye will follow when viewing the image. Leverage MARK Visual Optimization to adjust the layout of your ad, to increase or decrease the impact of certain elements. Based on decades of vision science experience, this service has a success rate greater than 90% in its simulations of the actual behavior of the human eye.

Astral OOH Visual Optimization

Visual Optimization Guide : 7 Rules to Attract Attention in the First 3-5 Seconds

Because Out-of-Home’s audiences are mobile and on the go, you typically only have 3 to 5 seconds to grab their attention. This means a strong first impression is critical to your campaign’s success. You need to be noticed before you can further engage your audience to consider your brand. Follow these 7 rules to create a great first impression.

1. Convey a single key message.

Focus on ONE single key idea that will convey your brand’s message and do it briefly. Research shows that while large amounts of text delay product identification, short headlines enhance creative appeal. Use no more than 7 words, include a powerful image and remove all unnecessary elements.

2. Be legible. Use clean and simple bold fonts.

Avoid fonts with a “decorative” style as they are harder to read from a distance. A text comprised of upper case and lower case letters is more pleasing to the eye than a text made of upper case letters only. Validate the chosen typefaces/fonts with Astral’s distance test.

3. Use colors & contrast wisely.

Research shows that high color contrasts enhance legibility whereas tone on tone and certain color combinations reduce legibility and should be avoided. The stronger the contrast, the easier it is to read from a distance.


4. Clearly integrate your brand in the message.

There is a high correlation between clear branding and product identification. Remember that you only have a few seconds to identify your brand and convey your message. Does your ad clearly identify your brand? Is your logo visible from a distance? Our experience with street furniture shows key message and logo placement in the upper third of the ad enhances ad recall.

5. Achieve visual balance.

Make sure that the key visual elements of your ad are clearly visible and well balanced. Eye tracking studies show that faces of people, in particular, attract a great deal of attention. When using faces, make sure your slogan and logo stand out to get your message across. The attractiveness of each visual element can be measured using the MARK Visual Optimization Service.

6. Test your ad’s readability.

Your message won’t get noticed if it’s not clearly visible. Astral’s distance test allows you to preview your creative on any of our products and make sure it is legible from typical OOH exposure distances.

7. Refine your ad’s visual attraction power.

Once you have followed Rules 1-6, the MARK Visual Optimization Service allows you to measure the attractiveness of each visual element in your ad. Will the eyes of your audience fixate on your slogan, image and logo in the first 3-5 seconds? Based on decades of vision science, this service – developed by 3M – has a 93% predictability rate. Use MARK V.O. to help you refine and boost the visual effectiveness of your ad.


Astral Out-of-Home’s Research Department will inform and guide you during the planning and evaluation stages of your Out-of-Home campaign, whether you wish to know:

The top reasons for choosing Out-of-Home

The Fastest Growing Audience.

While other traditional media’s audiences are steadily declining, Out-of-Home audiences continues to grow. The number of people travelling on Canadian roads as drivers and passengers has increased +20% in the past decade (Source: FP Markets)

The Highest Reach and Frequency.

For the same budget, Out-of-Home generates the highest reach, frequency, and GRP levels of any medium. It greets people as they leave their homes and intersects with them where they live, work, shop and play.

The Inescapable Medium.

Unlike other media, OOH cannot be zapped or thrown into a recycling bin. Conversely, more than 80% of Canadians say they avoid at least one type of advertising frequently. (Source: BBM-RTS).

The Greater Return On Investment.

For every media dollar spent by fast-moving consumer goods companies, Out-of-Home is the most efficient advertising medium, providing a 20% return on investment (Source: Brandscience).

Long Commutes, Great Exposure.

According to the Toronto Board of Trade, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto rank among the six cities with the longest commute times worldwide making exposure to OOH advertising even greater in these markets.

The One That’s Noticed.

Out-of-Home has the lowest perceived advertising “clutter” of all media which makes consumers more receptive and likely to notice your ad.

Present When Other Media Are Not.

Out-of-Home follows people throughout their daily routines, at the times and places they are most likely to buy. OOH offsets the peaks and valleys that characterize other media like newspapers and television.

Prompts Consumers to Act.

Out-of-Home rapidly builds strong brand awareness. In addition Out-of-Home is proven to drive traffic to stores, both on the street and online. 32% of people say they visited a retailer they saw advertised in an OOH ad within a week and 28% noted a web site address (Source: Arbitron).

OOH Gets the Last Word In.

Out-of-Home reaches consumers in the active buying mode, in close proximity to points of sale. 62% of people say OOH was the last media they were exposed to before their biggest purchase of the day (Source: Arbitron).

Reaches Elusive Targets.

Out-of-Home is the perfect medium to “catch” valued consumers such as Professionals or Young Urbans who spend little time with traditional media.

Technology Creating Opportunities for OOH.

As more and more Canadians use smartphones, OOH has been integrating digital and mobile applications such as 2D codes, augmented reality, SMS services and location based social networking (e.g.) Foursquare to traditional campaigns to extend consumers’ brand experiences.

The top reasons for choosing Astral Out-of-Home

The Leader in Innovation.

Since entering the Outdoor advertising market in 1987, Astral has been a pioneer in providing advertisers with creative ways to promote their brands. Some of Astral’s key innovations include: the first national Digital Network, AeroTV, MegaColumns, BIXI, and Artistic Murals in Montreal.

One of a Kind Targeting Capabilities.

With MARK’s Geo-marketing Intelligence, Astral detailed mapping software with the industry’s most comprehensive database of marketing research variables to visually demonstrate and allow advertisers to reach their target audiences where they live, work, shop and play.

Canada’s Leading Digital Outdoor Network.

Astral’s Digital Network wirelessly delivers dynamic advertising content to multiple faces in Canada’s largest cities.

Exclusive Coverage in Toronto.

Astral is the sole provider of Transit Shelter advertising for the City of Toronto until 2027.

Exclusive Coverage in Montreal.

Astral has exclusive Outdoor advertising rights in 14 municipalities in the Montreal CMA, as well as dominant coverage in 6 other Montreal areas. Without the Astral network it is not possible to effectively cover the Montreal CMA.

Exclusive Airport Coverage in Quebec.

Reach a high concentration of business people waiting for their flight, all in a closed, ultra-modern environment in our 6 Canadian airports located all across the country.

Exclusive Advertising Concession with the AMT.

Astral has exclusive rights with Montreal’s “Agence Métropolitaine de Transport” for advertising in its commuter trains and bus terminals. Each year, 16 million passengers use commuter trains and 71 million people transit through the AMT bus terminals.

Highest Average Daily Circulation.

When it comes to Horizontal Posters, Astral has the highest average daily circulation. Ads displayed on Astral products are exposed to audiences more efficiently.

One Third of Canadians Reached Weekly.

Astral has more than 31,500 advertising faces in a wide range of formats. With presence in Nova Scotia, Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta & British Columbia, Astral’s network has you covered.

Promoting Media Creativity.

Astral provides the ultimate canvas for creatives to express their brand messages whether within the structure or special creative executions that go beyond. With virtuoso creative and production departments both in the Montreal and Toronto offices, Astral supports their clients from conception to completion.

Committed to the Highest Quality.

Our commitment to quality distinguishes Astral from the rest of the industry. Astral is committed to investing in the communities it serves by improving public spaces and adding new appeal to the cityscape through well-designed street furniture and out-of-home advertising structures. We have forged long-tem municipal partnerships and have guaranteed to maintain our Outdoor inventory to the highest degree. Call us at 1-866-8-ASTRAL (1-866-827-8725) or email

Part of Canada’s Leading Media Company.

Out-of-Home is a key media component for Astral. Together with its radio stations, pay and specialty television channels as well its websites network, Astral produces unique advertising campaigns over a variety of platforms. For industry case studies, advertising efficiency measurement or to know the key ingredients and best practices in Out-of-Home, please contact us.

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