Today’s consumers go about their day continuously being exposed to influential outdoor advertising messages. As they become increasingly connected, mobile devices become an essential tool throughout their path to purchase. OOH mobile integration creates one-to-one conversations by delivering your brand’s actionable touch point directly to a consumer’s smartphone, empowering them to engage immediately on your outdoor advertising message. We optimize the mobile integrated impressions against their ability to drive consumers to physical store front, as opposed to online metrics like effective click through rates. This is a game changer within the digital eco-system.

At the local level or across Canada, OOH mobile integration amplifies your Out-of-Home campaign’s ability to influence consumers at key times throughout their path to purchase.

This technology is incredibly powerful and insightful. Integrated campaigns have delivered above average results in terms of both engagement levels at OOH locations, as well as total retail visits that can be attributed back to the integrated campaign. Our attribution metric report demonstrates the success of integrating premium OOH and mobile technology.

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