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Stunning and unmissable, the larger-than life Out of Home Advertising Branscape ensures prestige, credibility, and garners significant impressions for your brand. Strategically placed at some of Canada’s most high traffic, high impact locations, advertising branscapes stand out like no other. Leverage premium displays to amplify your brand with a complete takeover of our massive branscapes across Canada.

Ontario  |  British Columbia

Horizontal Poster 10' H x 20' W


Horizontal Poster

The Horizontal Poster makes a huge impact when you want to reach a large number of consumers. With an average per-billboard circulation that is greater than the competing products in Quebec and Ontario*, Astral Posters guarantee a major impact at efficient rates.

Ontario  |  Quebec 10' H x 20' W

*Source : COMB 2012

Vertical Poster 16' H x 12' W


Vertical Poster

The Vertical Poster has definitely made a name for itself in the city. It will give your advertising campaign an authentic urban style, and by allowing you to create ads in dimensions inspired by those of magazines, this unique format will lend a touch of glamour and prestige to your advertising messages.

Ontario  |  Quebec 16' H x 12' W

*Source : COMB 2012

Superboard 14' H x 48' W



The Superboard's spectacular dimensions and strategic locations guarantee brand impact, prestige and credibility. Astral has the largest Superboard network in the Montreal market with nearly 100 faces located along high traffic arteries and highways. In Toronto, Superboards dominate the landscape of the city's busiest arteries, such as the Gardiner Expressway.

Ontario  |  Quebec 14' H x 48' W

*Source : COMB 2012



Our Toronto Wall Murals are in a class of their own – dramatic and impactful. These dynamic wallscapes and murals will stop consumers in their tracks to engage with your brand. Take advantage of any of our 33 targeted locations seen daily by thousands of people traveling through the main streets of Toronto. In vinyl or painted boards, our artistic murals and wallscapes allow for creativity and impact to enhance your brand message.




Backlit billboards lend prestige to your brand, making them ideal for building brand image. In Toronto, they are located at Ontario Place and are prominently positioned in view of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Ontario  |  Quebec

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