Un tueur à la maison


In each one-hour episode of the riveting new series Monster in My Family, we'll tell the stories of the dual lives of some of the most notorious serial killers, from the inside through family members and intimate friends who reveal what was happening on the seemingly normal and non-criminal side of the killers, while they were carrying on their reign of terror on the outside. We'll get unprecedented access to their lives behind closed doors and to family home videos, photos, letters, journals and the places where the killer lived and grew up. These family members are coming out of the shadows now to make amends to victim's families. That unique access comes from a very personal place -- through Melissa G. Moore - bestselling author and the daughter of Keith Jesperson, the `Happy Face Killer' - as she understands these family members better than anyone else can. In each hour, we'll follow this journey in present tense as Melissa meets with the loved ones and guides them through their journey to reach out to the families of the victims. The personal life story of the killer will be told in parallel, intercut with the crime story we know through police. All will be told through a combination of present tense scenes, interviews, extensive home video and personal archive, as well as visualizations of the parallel lives.


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