Canadians can’t get enough of pro hockey, and they love to cheer on their heroes and celebrate their exploits for years on end. But who are these demigods? How do they behave and what do they say when they’re on the ice, or in the locker room? What’s their day-to-day life really like? How do their bosses deal with them? What do the general managers and their teams talk about? The series 24CH answers all these questions and more in 27 weekly episodes, as it follows the Montreal Canadiens through an entire season and focuses on the daily experiences of players and managers, both in Montreal and abroad. 24CH offers you an all-access pass behind closed doors, giving you an unprecedented look at what goes on beyond the limelight in the operations of a pro hockey team. Audiences will get a better understanding of what makes these men tick as they embark on their obsessive quest for victory.

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