Affaires qui roulent


Affaires qui roulent is a reality series that follows dealers who descend on the Texas Lone Star Auto Auction in Lubbock, TX, as they vie to outbid each other for automobiles, inspect their purchases, and then try to flip their cars for profit. These car enthusiasts love the thrill of the bid nearly as much as the incredible cars they're working hard to win, but are sometimes in for a rude awakening when the car they've won turns out to be a lemon. After winning the bidding wars the real work begins for the car sharks. Now they have to get down and dirty to inspect their purchases, and what they find under the hood reveals the true value of their skills on the bidding block. Each 30-minute episode of this series follows three buyers who purchase vehicles, including a 1998 Official Indy 500 Pace Car, a 1964 Thunderbird with a surprise under the seat, a 1968 Pontiac GTO that stalls on the drive home, and a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser with a secret.


Production Acquisition

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