Gold Divers : pêcheurs d'or


Nome, Alaska, a small coastal town on the edge of the world. Every summer, the polar ice pack recedes from Nome's coastline, and as it melts away a handful of rugged men and women descend on the frigid waters searching for one thing: GOLD. These are the dredgers of the Bering Sea. They are salty warriors who dive to the rocky ocean floor, spend hours hunting down a vein of gold, and when they find it, they do anything possible to bring it up. Right now gold is selling at an all-time high, and the gold rush is on. From a family owned 80-foot barge, to a barely seaworthy skiff run by two Mormon scuba divers, these rugged treasure hunters put it all on the line scouring the sea floor for the elusive, sparkling, precious: GOLD. Some will succeed and go home rich...some will just go home.Go

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