Les secrets de la Bible


It's the most read book in history? It has inspired the faith of billions of people around the world? And it is believed by the faithful to be the actual Word of God. For thousands of years, The Holy Bible has been the foundation on which Judaism and Christianity are built. But is it history - or myth? Who wrote it? How old is it? And - as a work that has been copied, translated, edited and censored - how accurate is it to its original intention? SECRETS OF THE BIBLE explores the mysteries and reveals the hidden facts about the most read book in human history. The six-episode series features stunning on-location photography, compelling reenactments and insightful interviews with scholars, archaeologists and religious leaders - offering an eye-opening journey into the pages of the word of God while taking on the provocative questions that people of faith yearn to have answered. Is the Bible the word of God written by ancient eyewitnesses? How historically accurate is the Bible - and what has been changed or lost in translation over the past two thousand years? Who decided what books would make up the Old and New Testaments? What are the ?missing books? of the Bible? Why were they removed? What shocking information did they contain? What are the facts behind the various miracles depicted in the Bible? Are they still in evidence today? What is the real meaning and purpose of the ?Promised Land?? How has sexual behavior changed since the times of the Bible's writing? How do the moral codes as defined by God change from the Old to the New Testaments? What is the secret of the Book of Revelation? How frightened should we be about the dire, apocalyptic predictions?

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