Chasseurs de poids lourds


(Fr. v. of Big Rig Bounty Hunter) America's roads and highways are the trade routes for a bustling economy. Every week, hundreds of trucks carrying valuable cargo go missing. Stolen and abandoned, these big rigs have to be hunted down and hauled in or the trucking companies lose money. Each missing truck carries a bounty if recovered and an additional reward if the load is found intact. BIG RIG BOUNTY HUNTERS follows five to six groups of truck hunters from across America as they embark on the some of the most dangerous hunts to retrieve missing truck loads. This cast of colorful characters compete against each other as well as a ticking clock. There's money to be made from locating the trailer, and if there's anything left of the load inside, the hunter gets a percentage. From retrieving stolen loads to collecting repossessions, a day in the life of a truck hunter is never easy, but the dollar signs keep these truckers hunting.


Genre Extreme / Danger

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