Fort comme un roc


FORT COMME UN ROC takes us inside the captivating, oversized world of power athletes. This documentary series follows five strongmen who compete throughout Quebec and Ontario, on their way to the Canadian Strongman Championships. Meet Jean-François Caron, a.k.a. “The Machine”, rookie Maxime Lemire, Louis-Philippe Jean (known as “The Rebel”), veteran Christian Savoie, and Paul “Shorty” Vaillancourt. FORT COMME UN ROC lets us witness their exploits and understand the sacrifices they have to make. We also share their camaraderie and rivalries under the big top, their successes and failures, and their struggles to mend their wounded bodies and egos. Plus, we’ll follow these larger-than-life creatures through their daily routines, learning about their day jobs and the diets that keep them big and strong. FORT COMME UN ROC is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the little-known, yet engaging world of these gargantuan athletes.

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