Alaska : La ruée vers l'or


V. Fr. of Gold Rush
The GOLD RUSH miners are back with a vengeance. Last mining season, father-son team Jack and Todd Hoffman sold everything they owned that wasn't nailed down in order to fund their dream of striking it rich mining for gold in Alaska. That dream didn't quite pan out so this mining season, the pair sold everything that was nailed down to give it another go. With enough funding to get them going, they headed north to Porcupine Creek, Alaska to settle unfinished business and to find the gold at the bottom of the glory hole. But unforeseen circumstances leave them to come up with a new plan in order to salvage their season. As fate would have it, the Hoffman's decide to head north to the Klondike and take their chances in Canada's most famous gold fields. Meanwhile, their former co-worker and current rival takes over at Porcupine Creek with the same desperate determination to hit the mother lode. And across the way, young Parker Schnabel labors almost single-handedly to restore the fortunes of his Grandfather John's Big Nugget Mine. Three hard-working crews all facing long odds to lay claim to their piece of the American dream.

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