Police scientifique


Nancy Michaud, who mysteriously disappeared from her home in the middle of the night, only to be found murdered two days later; Nicole Rainville, whose husband Jacques Delisle says she committed suicide with a 22-calibre pistol; Michel Duga, whose remains were found more than 9 years after his disappearance. What do these horrible crimes have in common, besides making history and capturing the imaginations of Quebecers? Thanks to the dogged determination of experienced investigators, these cases were all solved with the help of advanced forensics and innovative technology. Through testimonials from expert witnesses and dramatic re-enactments, this documentary series brings us at the heart of police investigations in which science played a key role. In 10 episodes covering 10 different cases, we’ll see how police work has become intertwined with technological advances in DNA, ballistics and forensics, providing stunning results that allow today’s police forces to catch criminals who would otherwise walk away scot-free.

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