Ados et libido


Fr. v. of The joy of teen sex More than ever sex is part of every teenager’s life. You think about it, you worry about it and you do it.  The Joy of Teen Sex is back… more candid, more frank and even more fun than before! After the huge success of the first series – up to 2 million people tuned in at 10pm - the programme is launching into its second year with six brand new hour long shows. It will continue to buck the trend of sex education programmes; each hour-long show will go even deeper into frank exploration of the love and sex lives of today’s teenagers - presenting solutions to the emotional and physical problems that many of them experience. Fronted by Dr Anita Sturnham, Psychologist, Emma Kenny and sex expert Sam Roddick, the series will once again revolve around visitors to a walk in clinic, where specialists will be on hand to offer young people, and sometimes their parents, support and professional advice. No subject is off limits from teen pregnancy to sexual performance and genital health as the series will shine the spotlight on issues that young people care about and experience in their love and sex lives. And 19-year-old Billie JD Porter acts as the show’s roving reporter as she speaks to fellow teens about specific issues affecting them today when it comes to all things sex.

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