La maison de Sarah


Why pay for someone else’s renovations – especially when they’re never quite to your liking? On La maison de Sarah, well-known Canadian decorator Sarah Richardson is out to prove that absolutely anyone can have the home they always wanted. Just start by purchasing an imperfect – and therefore less expensive – house, and then renovate it according to your tastes. To show that this project is within everyone’s reach, Sarah Richardson does it herself with a home she renovates before our very eyes, step by step. From staking out properties with a real estate agent to applying the finishing decorative touches, La maison de Sarah is a priceless instruction manual for anyone who wants to create their dream house. The added bonus is the sheer pleasure of watching Sarah working her magic as she transforms everything she touches into an elegant, luxurious creation! Angle: Sarah Richardson explains how to purchase and transform a house to make it your dream home!

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