Le boss des bécosses


The average person spends 3 YEARS of their life in the most important room of the house, so you shouldn't trust just ANY person to turn your bathroom into a palace. Enter Jeff Hoxie...the King of Thrones! Jeff and his partner, Dave Koob, are America's premier bathroom remodelers. They transform the ugliest bathrooms into masterpieces fit for royalty. From spa tubs with lights that change according to music, to showers with body dryers for pets, stock tickers above a self-washing toilet, to porta-potties disguised to look like a covered wagon, and even a mobile bathroom to take on a frozen lake for ice fishing...right through the bathroom floor! No request is too unusual for Jeff & Dave, which is why they are #1 when it comes to #2. King of Thrones, premiering September 10th, on Destination America.

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