Une vie de géant


Fr. v. of My giant life Meet four phenomenal ladies – Lindsay, Haleigh, Colleen, and Nancy – who see the world…well…from a higher perspective. 6’9 Lindsey gets her height from her father, a man who left when Lindsay was just 11 years old. She hasn’t seen him since, and is on a personal quest to track him down. In Texas, high school junior Nancy prepares to tackle teenaged rites of passage: learning to drive and finding a date for her prom! She wants to fit in, but between her 6’9 frame and her ever-growing stardom on the basketball court, Nancy is destined to stand out. Colleen is a 6’6, thirty-six year old spitfire who just moved back to her hometown, San Diego. She’s very single and very ready to mingle, looking for a man who shares her competitive spirit and sassy outlook on life. At 6’7 tall, Haleigh is young and ready to take on the world. She’s dying to know when her boyfriend, Bryan, is going to propose. But there’s one thing standing in the way of their happily ever after… Haleigh’s father. He’s a tall man with a tall wife, tall children and a lot of tall pride, who isn’t sold on his daughter’s 5’8 boyfriend. Will Haleigh’s father give his blessing?


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