Vendre à tout prix


(Fr. v. of The Property Shop) THE PROPERTY SHOP is a 13-episode half-hour docu-soap that follows Tatiana's real life struggle to realize her ambition. From hunting for affordable office space, to hiring a host of young agents eager to make a killing in the business, THE PROPERTY SHOP tracks Tatiana's every step in her quest to build a successful real estate agency. Along the way we meet the colorful characters that make up her inner circle - the people who have her back. Tatiana's endlessly supportive husband Oren will do anything to propel his wife towards success - including spearheading her office renovations! Her longtime best friend Davina works as her personal assistant and office manager. And her 21-year-old niece Mor, who's fresh out of the Israeli army, moves to Montreal to work as the agency receptionist. Then there's Mikey, a trust fund kid who's both Tatiana's friend and employee - until she overhears him dissing her behind her back.

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