After the Thrones


Providing legions of GAME OF THRONES' fans a chance to dive deeper into the events and implications of each and every Sunday-night episode, AFTER THE THRONES is a new multi-platform HBO series from the world of Bill Simmons. Hosted by fellow journalists and THRONES' devotees Andy Greenwald (Grantland) and Chris Ryan (former hosts of the popular Watch the Thrones podcast), each edition of AFTER THE THRONES dissects the events that took place in the latest GoT episode, while exploring the complicated politics and history of George R.R. Martin’s epic story of duplicity and treachery, nobility and honor, conquest and triumph. Combining clips from recent shows with insights, opinions, and some absurd and not-so-absurd prognostications, AFTER THE THRONES is the perfect post-THRONES tonic for fans eager for fresh, funny insights into their favorite show.

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