Set in and around Memphis during the early 1970s, Quarry is a thrilling action drama that centers on the character of Mac Conway (LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN), a Marine who returns home from a second tour of duty in Vietnam, only to find himself stigmatized by his involvement in a highly publicized massacre while fighting abroad. Though he and his fellow Marine Arthur Solomon (JAMIE HECTOR) have been exonerated of wrongdoing, they are greeted with hostility and rejection in Memphis, with neither able to land a decent job. With Mac’s relationship with his wife Joni (JODI BALFOUR)  growing tenuous, he and Arthur are tempted by a lucrative offer from The Broker (PETER MULLAN), a shady criminal involved in a network of killing and corruption that spans the length of the Mississippi River. At first, Mac refuses to offer up his services to The Broker, but after Arthur opts to trade his principles for quick cash, Mac – whom The Broker codenames “Quarry” – finds himself conscripted against his better judgment into The Broker’s crew, a turn of events that has dire consequences for both himself and Joni.

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