First-time feature-film director Jason Mann, who recently won this season’s PROJECT GREENLIGHT competition, directs this new HBO Films comedy, executive produced by PROJECT GREENLIGHT executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Taking place primarily over the course of one night, the story (written by Mann with former PROJECT GREENLIGHT winner Pete Jones) follows a charming English con man, William Rooney, who creates a false identity to marry wealthy socialite Fiona Langston, the daughter of U.S. Senator Edward Langston.  But on the eve of their wedding, William’s plans go awry when Leonard, his estranged, ne’er do well brother, shows up and crashes the party. While William unsuccessfully tries to control Leonard’s increasingly troublesome behaviour while keeping him from revealing William’s true identity to his soon-to-be in-laws, Fiona grows more and more distant, worried that her finance, “Charles Devonshire,” is much more like her controlling, hot-tempered father than she originally thought – all while a secession of family secrets is revealed into the wee hours of one unpredictable night.

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