Essence of India


Samira Nanda, a New York City chef, mother and journalist leaves busy Manhattan to go back to her roots in India and discover the authentic tastes and flavours of its cuisine. Nanda travels through Delhi in her ‘Essence of India’ auto rickshaw and gains access to some of the most exclusive restaurant kitchens. She demystifies some of India’s most popular curries, explores the origin of vegetarian food, delves into decadent Indian desserts and gets a crash course on tandoori cooking. Vibrant, visual and informative, watch Samira as she enthusiastically goes through six fast paced, recipe filled, intoxicating episodes that shake up the traditional concept of the cooking show.


Air Time Saturday at 11 pm ET | Season 2 Premiere September 3
Duration 30 min
Fact Sheet Essence of India
Genre Food, Lifestyle
Production Acquisition

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