Jamie's Ultimate Veg Food


Jamie’s brand-new series is a celebration of all things veg – encouraging meat-eaters and vegetarians alike to put vegetables front and centre! Jamie thinks it’s time we stopped thinking of them as side dishes to the meat – veg can steal the show in its own right and he wants to show us how. Jamie knows that many of us want to eat less meat. Whether for health or financial reasons, for the planet or animal welfare, we are all slowly moving towards eating more veg and less meat. In this series, Jamie is cooking up a stunning collection of beautifully vibrant, hearty and healthy veg dishes for us to add to our repertoire. Not only that, he will seek inspiration from around the UK and also Israel and India, around the world, meeting people who inspire and excite him with new ways to hero vegetables. In Jamie’s inimitable way, he’ll bring to life glorious combinations and new ideas inspired by his travels. This series is packed full of phenomenal food that you will want to eat because it’s easy and delicious – you won’t even miss the meat!


Air Time New Series | Coming This Fall
Fact Sheet Jamie's Ultimate Veg Food
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