One World Kitchen


Canada is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, with a feast of fare from across the globe, all right here at home.

ONE WORLD KITCHEN shines a spotlight on four global cuisines –  Thai, Italian, South American and Japanese – that are arguably just as ‘Canadian’ as tourtière and poutine. While the series celebrates each of these distinct heritages, it’s clear that food and cooking share the same family and community values the world over. A vibrant mix of tradition and ingredients creates One World Kitchen.

The series features four passionate and captivating Canadian cooks, each with a unique background and culinary expertise to share. Each cuisine is explored over six episodes – from age-old traditions and secrets, to fresh recipes and tips. Forget your passport and tear up the takeout menu – One World Kitchen will help you master the world’s hottest cuisines, Canadian style.


Air Time Tuesday at 9P ET | Friday at 11P ET
Duration 30min
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