The Aliens


The Aliens, a new comedy sci-fi written by Fintan Ryan (Rev, In The Flesh, Never Better) set forty years after an extra-terrestrial craft crash-lands in the North Sea. Out of it came a few hundred humanoid aliens who travelled ashore on rafts and were, for a short time, integrated into British society before political resentment and intolerance eventually forced them into a ghetto. Known as Troy, this lawless walled town is now ruled by gang warfare and home to thousands of intergalactic first and second-generation immigrants. The Aliens follows the story of Lewis, a border guard who mans the checkpoint between the alien ghetto and the human side of the wall. But when he discovers that he is the world’s first half-alien, he finds himself drawn into a world of divided loyalties and a search for his own identity.


Air Time Wednesday at 9 pm ET
Duration 60 min
Fact Sheet The Aliens
Genre Comedy Sci-fi
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