When Harley Carter (Jerry O'Connell) was a teenager, he experienced 15 minutes of fame when he solved the mystery of a serial killer plaguing his small town. Now, years later, Harley has become a famous Hollywood actor playing a grown-up version of what he actually was as a kid.  And it’s wearing on him. After an embarrassing public meltdown in Hollywood, Harley returns to his hometown to take a break but finds that he can’t leave solving mysteries behind. “Carter” taps into his acting experience to become a real-life detective, partnering with (and reconnecting to) his childhood friends, no-nonsense police veteran Sam Shaw (Sydney Poitier Heartsong) and witty, street-wise coffee truck owner, Dave Leigh (Kristian Bruun).


Air Time Wednesday 8PM ET
Duration 60 mins
Fact Sheet Carter
Production none

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