Death of a Comet


It’s a mission that has captured the world’s attention, putting people on the edge of their seats; a mission that has already beat all odds to dramatically drop a little lander, Philae, on a comet streaking towards the sun at breakneck speeds. Since that incredible day in November 2014, when mission control in Darmstadt Germany cheered and cried, the drama has continued.  Rosetta, an ESA built spacecraft, that took years to dream and a decade to journey through space, has now lived alongside it’s Comet.  It has learned things never known before, teaching us about our very origins.  Now that mission comes to an end and the team that has poured years into this mission must say good-bye to Rosetta. On September 28th, 2016 they will crash land Rosetta on to Comet 67P and we will be there to document how it unfolds.


Air Time Friday at 7 pm ET | Special Premiere September 30
Duration 60 min
Fact Sheet Death of a Comet
Genre Documentary
Production Original Production

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