Jade Fever


With the demand for jade sky-rocketing in China, Claudia and Robin Bunce are in for a crazy summer. They’re the unofficial mayors of the tiny hamlet of Jade City, BC. Along with partner Alan Qiao, the three own several jade claims in the area. This year, they’ve teamed with billionaire investors from Beijing to find the jade. But it’s never that simple.

The most promising claim is in the high alpine of Wolverine Mountain. Just getting equipment there means a 120km overland trek over a dirt trail, through rivers, around rocks, over mud. Then it’s scraping the ground and digging up boulders—and hoping that one is a jade boulder worth millions. Over at their Dynasty mine site, they’ve started drilling, hoping to find solid green cores of jade. But no one can agree where to drill. As the season wears on, everyone is stressed out and the investors are breathing down their throats—only four months to find that million-dollar boulder. It’s shaping up to be a tumultuous season.


Air Time Tuesday at 11:30PM ET
Duration 60min
Fact Sheet Jade Fever
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