Famously Single


FAMOUSLY SINGLE is the sexy new series ripped straight from the headlines of E! News and Us Weekly that brings to life the fascinating world of celebrity romance. 8 single celebs – all of whom have had their share of bad breakups, public divorces and toxic relationships – move into a stylish loft in downtown LA. Their goal? Figure out exactly WHY relationships haven’t worked for them and learn how to FINALLY pick the right match. Our team of experts, led by relationship therapist Dr. Darcy Sterling, will help our stars come to terms with the cold hard truth behind their disastrous romantic history. Through a series of exercises, one-on-one sessions and REAL DATES, we’ll watch as our celebs learn to find love where they least expect it – maybe even with each other!


Air Time New Episode Tuesday at 9 pm ET | Season Finale August 17
Duration 60 min
Fact Sheet Famously Single
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