The Grace Helbig Show


YouTube star and internet sensation Grace Helbig is the host of a new hybrid, comedy talk show on E!, called “The Grace Helbig Show.” The half-hour series will feature all the comedy, entertainment and interactivity that Helbig’s over 2 million subscribers have come to love about her "It'sGrace" YouTube channel. Joining her as she geeks out with friends and fans over all things pop culture, will be a wide array of celebrity guests ranging from actors, comedians, YouTubers and popular reality stars. In addition, the series will feature guest interviews in an assortment of everyday locations, ranging from grocery stores to Helbig’s living room, her car and everywhere in between, providing an environment where her guests can let loose and be themselves. Helbig’s comedic, improvisational interviews will bring out the fun and unpredictable side of her show’s wide array of guests, making each interview feel like a sneak peek into a private conversation where neither participant is taking herself (or himself) too seriously. Helbig’s line of questioning is personal, quick-witted and heavily focused around what’s trending in social media – and the result is some serious fun.


Air Time Friday at 10:30pm ET
Duration 30 min
Fact Sheet The Grace Helbig Show
Genre Comedy Talk Show

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