Stewarts & Hamiltons


Get ready for laughs, fun, and a whole lot of love from a family with a lineage only Hollywood could produce. Meet the “Stewarts & Hamiltons,” a blended family of Hollywood royalty centering around Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart and former model Alana Stewart. The eight, one-hour episode season will follow the busy lives and one-of-a-kind family dynamics in the “Brady Bunch”-esque households of Alana, George, Kimberly, Ashley Hamiton, Sean Stewart, and George Hamilton Jr.  Climb into this complicated family tree when “Stewarts & Hamiltons” premieres Sunday, July 26 at 10pm ET on E!


Air Time Series Premiere July 26 - Sunday at 9pm ET
Duration 60 min
Fact Sheet Stewarts & Hamiltons
Genre Reality

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