Broke A$$ Game Show


"Broke A$$ Game Show," is a new half-hour comedy that ushers in the next phase of the classic American game show by breaking all the rules and tossing out everything you think you know about game shows. Hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff hit the streets of New York City to lure unsuspecting contestants into taking part in some seriously fun, sometimes twisted games that push their personal limits all for some cold, hard cash. Dispensing with fancy lights, stages and expensive props, "Broke A$$ Game Show" serves up irreverent street games like Twerk Off, a winner-take-all booty-bouncing battle with construction workers, or Cats Humping States, where players win big bucks by correctly identifying states upon which felines are fornicating."


Air Time Thursday at 10:30pm ET
Duration 30 min
Fact Sheet Broke A$$ Game Show
Genre Comedy Game Show

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