'Failosophy' is a half-hour, studio-based panel show featuring the internet's biggest fails. Each week, comedian host Hasan Minhaj is joined by a panel of the loudest and funniest comedians and internet personalities. Together they break down and showcase awkward and cringe-worthy moments, from autocorrect mishaps and embarrassing stories, to untimely tweets and unfortunate photos culled from the internet. Rotating segments like "Social Notworking" and "Ask the Internet" feature some of the craziest questions and trends online, while "Date, Roommate, 911" and "Photo Bombs" capture the photographic essence of things deemed a fail. Each episode also features a recreation of an embarrassing audience-submitted story, with some serious drama added to it. And we hit the streets in search of the most outrageous and unbelievable fails and hook-up stories from viewers


Air Time Thursdays at 10:30pm ET
Duration 30 Minutes
Fact Sheet Failosophy
Genre Reality

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