Jerks with Cameras


This fast-paced prank show features a team of eight quick-thinking comedians, also known as The Jerks, who take to the streets to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting public. Using both hidden and unhidden cameras, The Jerks are reinventing the prank format. The Jerks' cameras capture the raw reactions of their stunned victims – laughter, shock, anger. It's all good. Then they take their pranks back to the studio with host Tone Bell and share laughs with a live audience. The battle for Jerk supremacy comes to a head when Tone sets the stage for the ultimate jerk competition – The Jerk-Off, where all the Jerks present the same prank, and the audience decides who did it best. The Jerk with the most outrageous, clever and hilarious execution of the prank walks away with the ultimate prize – Jerk bragging rights.


Air Time Thursdays at 10:30pm ET
Duration 30 Minutes
Fact Sheet Jerks with Cameras
Genre Reality

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