Jersey Shore


It's tee-shirt time! Just when you thought it might be over, Jersey Shore comes roaring in for an all-new season! The show's upcoming season has been in a state of turmoil and transition, as its two biggest stars have dealt with upheaval in their personal lives. The Situation newly out of rehab, and reports have emerged that his sober living companion may be staying in the house. And of course, Snooki announced several months ago that she was pregnant, could they be turning the smush room into a nursery?! The only thing we know for sure is that all seven roomies agree they’re glad to be back! More zany and entertaining than ever, these roommates are going to hit the boardwalk, ‘Beat Dat Beat’ in the clubs and continue to prove that while you can summer a lot of places – there’s only one Jersey Shore.


Air Time Thursdays at 10pm ET
Duration 60 Minutes
Fact Sheet Jersey Shore
Genre Reality

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