Le temps des vacances


For Simone, summer means long nights on terraces and at outdoor concerts. For Marie-Philippe, it means adventure and meandering road trips. This year, on “Le temps des vacances”, these two best friends will mix every ingredient for the ideal summer, throw it in the blender, and invite us along for a taste. In their HQ overlooking the city, our two bubbly and inquisitive hosts turn their terrace into a place for parties and stimulating conversation with guests. Collaborators and friends will drop by to give them tips based on their personal experience, lend a hand on a DIY project, serve as guinea pigs for one of Simone’s recipes, or act as sidekicks for one of Marie-Philippe’s crazy ideas. Each thematic episode will set the stage for summer-related activities, from garden parties to St-Jean-Baptiste celebrations, from slumber parties to improvised trips and rainy-day activities. Every topic is geared towards creating an unforgettable summer holiday.


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