Zack l’illusionniste


Meet Zack Mirza, a young magician on a mission – to learn from the very best and become one of magic’s all-time greats. Anyone can walk around doing card tricks, but in Illusions of Grandeur, Canada’s hottest up-and-coming street magician, Zack Mirza, will take his skills to the next level, while taking an in-depth look at the history of magic. Many magicians come and go, but only a select few truly capture the public’s imagination. Zack wants to know what makes a magician great. That’s why he’s undertaking a magic pilgrimage of sorts, across North America, to walk in the footsteps of the greatest magicians of all-time. Along the way, Zack will not only perform tricks for people from every walk of life, he will explore the history of the tricks themselves. By delving into the very roots of magic, Zack hopes to gain mastery over the art form and become an innovator, not an imitator. Each episode of Illusions of Grandeur will focus on a different style of magic, from mentalism, to escapes, to levitation. Zack will perform for local crowds, uncover the history of a particular effect or magician, talk to experts and finally, attempt a new illusion that tops a classic. The result will be an in-depth critical analysis of magic through Zack’s distinctive POV. Illusions of Grandeur isn’t your typical television magic show; it is anobservational documentary series, not dependent on contrivances – none of the illusions involve camera tricks or post-editing. Zack only creates live illusions that garner real reactions from his spectators.

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