Péril en haute mer


Fr. v of Deadliest catch It’s October in Dutch Harbor Alaska, as the crabbing fleet limps back into port after a devastating winter. The recent 2011 Opilio season was one of the worst in history, forcing most boats out of the water to fix iceberg beaten hulls. Now, every captain kicks off king crab season saddled with repair bills, each one desperate to fish their way out of debt. Adding insult to injury, red crab quota was slashed for the second year in a row, and more boats than ever must brave the remote blue crab grounds to make ends meet. Breaking onto the scene this year are two new boats, the Cape Caution and the Saga. At the helm of the Cape Caution is former Kodiak Captain, Wild Bill Wichrowski, and running the Saga is former Ramblin' Rose Skipper, Elliot Neese. On the Northwestern, deck boss Edgar Hansen’s ongoing desire to run the boat causes Sig to set him straight. Every ship in the fleet is looking to make a comeback in the 2012 king crab season, but it won’t be easy for any of them.

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