Les sorcières de North Hampton


The Beauchamp family includes four very powerful women: the formidable matriarch, Joanna; her two daughters, Ingrid the bookworm and Freya the barmaid; and Joanna’s sister Wendy. Freya is engaged to marry Dash, but she dreams night after night of a passionate relationship with a stranger. On the day of her engagement party, she discovers her handsome stranger is in fact Killian, Dash’s estranged brother. Freya learns that Killian also dreams of her and is madly in love with her. After the party, Joanna is accused of murder, and upon her sister’s return from exile, she realizes that an old enemy has set out to destroy Joanna and her two daughters. Wendy convinces her sister that it’s time to let her daughters know about their true magical nature: they are in fact powerful immortal witches, with a curse hanging over their family.


Genre Fiction / Drama

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