1,935,000 Viewers Chose RDS to Watch Game 2 of the Canadiens-Rangers Series

— May 21, 2014

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Montreal (May 21, 20014) – Monday night, an average of 1,935,000* viewers followed Game 2 of the Canadiens-Rangers series on RDS. Peak audience levels were recorded at 2,614,000* during the game.

RDS gained 50.1%* of market shares during the broadcast, more than all Quebec’s conventional and specialized networks combined, and ranked 1st* in prime-time TV viewing.

The New York Rangers took the lead (2-0) in their series against the Montreal Canadiens. The next game might have an important impact on the results of the Eastern Conference Finals. Watch Game 3 of this series, Thursday, May 22 at 8 p.m. ET live on RDS.

*Source: BBM Analytics - InfosysTV, French Quebec

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