2014 Masters: Over 20 hours of live coverage on RDS

— April 8, 2014

RDS Programming Alert - April 8

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On Wednesday, April 9 at 3 p.m. ET, RDS will kick off its coverage of this year’s most prestigious golfing event, the Masters, with over 20 hours of live content.

Michel Lacroix will be the descriptor for the entire tournament. He will be assisted by Carlo Blanchard and Jean-Sébastien Légaré, who will be adding color commentary to each round. François-Etienne Corbin will be reporting all the latest news concerning the golfers,  live from the Augusta National Golf Club. He will also be preparing reports for different news bulletins on RDS INFO, which will be updating fans with all the latest news from the Masters.

Fans can also follow the competition through a special section on RDS.ca, which will group all the latest news, chronicles, videos, exclusive analyses as well as a digital broadcast of certain portions of the course.

TSN, TSN2 and Global will be offering the English coverage of this event.

Broadcasting schedule for the Masters Tournament on RDS and RDS2

Wednesday, April 9   
• Par 3 Contest                             3 p.m. ET                     RDS
Thursday, April 10   
• Preview Show                           2 :30 p.m. ET                RDS
• First Round                               3 p.m. ET                      RDS
• First Round (Encore)                 7 :30 p.m. ET                 RDS2
Friday, April 11  
• Preview Show                          2:30 p.m. ET                  RDS
• Second Round                          3 p.m. ET                      RDS
• Second Round (Encore)            7 :30 p.m. ET                 RDS2
Saturday, April 12  
• Par 3 Contest (Encore)             12 :30 p.m. ET               RDS
• Preview Show                          2 :30 p.m. ET                 RDS
• Third Round                             3 p.m. ET                       RDS
• Third Round (Encore)               7 p.m. ET                       RDS2
Sunday, April 13  
• Preview Show                           1:30 p.m. ET                 RDS
• Final Round                               2 p.m. ET                      RDS
• Final Round (Encore)                 7 p.m. ET                     RDS2

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