A Dose of Girl Power from Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba

— September 6, 2019

LA’S FINEST co-stars and co-executive producers Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba recently shared their thoughts on the new CTV series while shedding some light on their strong female characters, giving more reason to believe that the future of television is female.

The action drama kicks off CTV’s fall schedule when it debuts across Canada on Friday, Sept. 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Jessica Alba on what drew her back into television:

What drew me back in is really just being able to do something and collaborate with Gabrielle Union. She is a force in Hollywood and I've always respected her – and when she took this franchise that she was a part of and turned it into a real feminist show in a genre where you really don't get to see women as lead – that is exactly what drew me in. 

The show is really built around two women…You never lose the fact that we are women, and we’re partners, and we're in this together, and we had each other's back.

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union on the importance of being strong female role models since they are mothers of daughters:

Alba: I guess I've always been drawn to strong women in characters that I played. I dabbled in playing some characters that were a little more passive and I don't know if I pulled it off that well to be honest with you.

Being a mother of a daughter you realize how important or how impressionable media and pop culture can be on them. So it just kind of makes the damage more important to make sure that we shape a show that has complex women that aren't perfect and that have flaws, but can still be heroes.

Union: Yes. And it's also important that we're both raising young men as well to make sure that our young men see images of women that are strong, capable, and complex. Having accurate representation has a profound effect on both genders though, you know, as people who raise young people that's just important across the board, or it should be important to all of us who are constant creators.

Jessica Alba on why she believes LA’S FINEST is a part of this new time, where the type of stories and characters were traditionally played by men:  

I think with the post-Time's Up movement that Hollywood really, really highlighted this idea.

Women do deserve the same value and right that men have. Certainly our show is paving the way for that being a reality in the genre that is predominantly male. I mean, completely male.  So this action/comedy vibe is very, very, very few and far between moments where you get to see women in leads.

And certainly on television it just really hasn’t been done in this way. It's usually serious, it's a procedural, and so we flipped it on its head. And I hope that we are opening more doors for more women in positions like this across the board in entertainment.

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union on the roles they play in film and television and its relation to the legacy they would like to leave their children:

Alba: I don’t think of that - I sort of think of the time I spend with my kids trying to really instill values in them and be there for them in the quiet moments and the day-to-day… and I think more about my job with my company that I created (The Honest Company)… that feels more attached to the legacy that I'm trying to build and leave for my children.

Union: I think with entertainment, you're playing characters and not every character is going to be perfect and so you can't really hang your hat on who your characters are.  It's more about your personal character – your integrity.

LA’s FINEST airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT beginning Sept. 13 on CTV and then streams anytime on CTV.ca and the CTV app.