ALBERTA PRIMETIME Shines a Flood Light on Privacy During Week-Long Series, November 17-21 on CTV Two Alberta

— November 14, 2014

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EDMONTON(November 14, 2014) –It’s a growing issue, impossible to ignore. Nextweek, CTV’s ALBERTA PRIMETIME brings viewers an in-depth look at theoverall landscape of privacy in Canada, and shares what they need to know toensure that what is personal remains private. The news magazine program will airdaily privacy-related segments during its regular 6 p.m. broadcast nextweek from November 17 - 21 on CTV Two Alberta. Each day, Co-HostsMichael Higgins and Shawna Randolph speak with experts and delve into differentaspects of the privacy issues impacting Albertans, including the areas of healthdata, surveillance, and the online security of young people growing up in adigital age.


Thisspecial series follows the NationalPrivacy and Data Governance Congress,emceed by Higgins in Calgary last month. The three-day event addressed variousareas of privacy concerns and featured experts in the field. Since then, CTV TwoAlberta has been working with the Privacy and Access Council ofCanada tolearn more about these growing concerns, and deliver findings toviewers.


Highlightsfrom the week include:


Monday,Nov. 17 – “Privacy Landscape”

ALBERTAPRIMETIMEtakes a look at the overall privacy landscape in Alberta. Jill Clayton, theInformation & Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, joins theconversation.


Tuesday, Nov.18 – “Health Privacy”

Withadvances in the healthcare system, ALBERTA PRIMETIME looks at how patienthealth information is being shared and whether it is secure.


Wednesday, Nov. 19 –“Youth Perspectives on Privacy”

As thefirst generation to have grown up with the internet and social media as part oftheir daily lives, ALBERTA PRIMETIME looks at how young people view theirprivacy online.


Thursday, Nov. 20 –“Surveillance”

ALBERTAPRIMETIMEturns its attention to surveillance, investigating potential changes in the faceof terrorism.  


Friday,Nov. 21 – “Genome Research and Genetics Privacy”

Genetictesting can help people map their risk of contracting certain diseases, butcurrently there is no legislation to protect that information from employers andinsurance companies. ALBERTA PRIMETIME looks at whether this is puttingpeople at risk of genetic discrimination.








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