All Five Remaining Teams Advance on Tonight’s Episode of CTV’s THE AMAZING RACE CANADA

— August 24, 2016

– Exes Jillian and Emmett take the eighth leg in Havana, Cuba, winning a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico with five nights’ accommodation provided by –
– Next week: teams return to Canada, and head to Cape Breton, N.S., where a Detour has some teams up in arms and others dragging their heels –
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Following tonight’s episode, all five teams will keep on racing, heading back home to Canada and through Cape Breton, N.S. in next week’s episode of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, airing Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and CTV GO. In this week’s episode, Rita was pushed to her limit when she struggled to make homemade gaskets at an auto repair shop in Havana. Supported by her twin sister, Yvette, she persevered to eventually finish the Road Block behind the other four teams. Rita and Yvette arrived at the Pit Stop in last place, but were spared from elimination. **MEDIA NOTE** To download additional artwork for Season 4 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, please visit Episode 408 Recap From the Pit Start in Kingston, Ont., the remaining five teams travelled more than 2,300 kilometres to Havana, Cuba through Toronto. There, Racers had to locate a replica of Canada’s Bluenose inside one of the oldest forts in the new world, Castillo Real de la Fuerza, for their next clue. At the Detour, teams chose between Sugar and Shake. In Sugar, teams had to locate The Havana Club Rum Museum where they pushed sugar canes through a manually powered grinder to extract 15 litres of juice. Then, they were required to transport trays of cocktails made with their juice to customers several blocks away over busy, cobblestone streets. In Shake, teams had to learn intricate choreography and perform a Casino Salsa dance routine with three additional couples. Teams Jillian and Emmett and Steph and Kristen chose Sugar, and raced each other in a fierce battle to finish the task. When Steph’s sugar cane got caught and jammed the grinder, she grabbed a machete from a nearby station to cut it loose, but ended up slicing her fingertips with the machete instead, allowing Jillian and Emmett to leave in first place. Meanwhile, Rita and Yvette, Joel and Ashley, and Frankie and Amy chose Shake. Rita and Yvette, and Frankie and Amy each succeeded on their first attempt, while Joel and Ashley had to perform the routine twice before moving on. Teams then made their way to the Cámara Oscura, a towering optical device offering a 360 degree view of the city, which they used to spot a marked flag hanging off the site of their next clue, the Ambos Mundos Hotel. Steph and Kristen spotted the flag before even looking through the Cámara Oscura. Upon arriving at the Ambos Mundos Hotel, teams searched for the room where Earnest Hemingway wrote the classic novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” to find their next clue. This clue lead teams to a Face Off, a challenge where teams compete head-to-head and can only move forward in the Race once they’ve successfully won the challenge. In this Face Off, teams had to play beach volleyball against each other. Steph and Kristen reached the Face Off first but lost to Jillian and Emmett. The dating couple bested the next team, twins Rita and Yvette, who won their following match against Frankie and Amy. The mother-daughter duo then lost again to Joel and Ashley, positioning them in last place, which required them to wait out a predetermined penalty before moving on. At the Road Block, one Racer from each team watched a silent demonstration showing them how to create handmade engine gaskets from the rubber of an old tire. They had to create three gaskets each using the technique they had just observed. Emmett made his three gaskets with ease, while Steph worked through the pain of her cut finger. Joel, a mechanic by trade, made up time when he completed his challenge and left in second place. Frankie and Rita both struggled with their techniques before eventually completing the challenge. Teams then traveled to La Divina Pastora near the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, at the mouth of the Havana harbour in search of Jon at the Pit Stop. Jillian and Emmett arrived first and won a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico with five nights’ accommodation provided by After a frustrating and time-consuming Road Block, Rita and Yvette arrived in last place but were saved from elimination when they were advised that it was a non-elimination leg of the Race. Last night’s episode encores this Saturday, Aug. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Sunday, Aug. 28 at 5 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and CTV GO. Visit to check local listings. Previous seasons of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA are available now on CraveTV. Next Week: On the next episode of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA (Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and CTV GO), teams head to Cape Breton, N.S., where a Detour has some teams up in arms and others dragging their heels. An explosive Route Marker has teams scraping the bottom of the barrel, and a Double U-Turn spells double trouble. The five remaining teams competing for THE AMAZING RACE CANADA are: For more on THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, fans can visit for exclusive content, including team videos, bios, full episodes, sneak peeks, and extras. Leading sponsors for Season 4 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA are Chevrolet and BMO. Returning sponsor Mentos, as well as first year brands, and MEC Canada also partner with the CSA-winning series.

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