Bell Media’s Harold Greenberg Fund Announces Support for 25 New Canadian Film Projects

— July 17, 2015

– Latest round of funding announced for the Script Development Program –
– Highlights include Xavier Dolan’s English-language film The Life and Death of John F. Donovan, Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool Changes, Rebecca Addelman’s Paper Year, Graeme Manson’s The Keeper, and Merry F__cking Christmas from Mark McKinney and Kelly Makin –

TORONTO (July 17, 2015) – Bell Media’s Harold Greenberg Fund announced today its support for 25 Canadian film projects through its Script Development Program. The slate includes films in all stages of script development, from story optioning and first and second drafts, to polish and packaging, and final drafts. Among the supported films are: Canadian Screen Award, Cannes Jury Award, and Jutra Award-winner Xavier Dolan’s first English-language project, The Life and Death of John F. Donovan; The Illegal from acclaimed Canadian author Lawrence Hill; Pontypool Changes Everything, Bruce McDonald’s anticipated follow-up to the 2008 Canadian classic Pontypool; NEW GIRL writer Rebecca Addelman’s Paper Year; ORPHAN BLACK co-creator Graeme Manson’s The Keeper; and Merry F__cking Christmas, from THE KIDS IN THE HALL alumni Mark McKinney and Kelly Makin. Supported projects – Script Development Program Story Optioning – First Option The Devil You Know New Metric Media Inc. Author: Elisabeth de Mariaffi Screenwriter: Karen Walton The Illegal Conquering Lion Pictures Author: Lawrence Hill Screenwriter: Clement Virgo, Lawrence Hill Story Optioning – Option Renewal The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen 4 Eyes Productions Inc. Author: Susin Nielson Director: James Dunnison Pontypool Changes Shadow Shows Inc. Author/Screenwriter: Tony Burgess Director: Bruce McDonald *Also Polish and Packaging Polish and Packaging Baseballissmo A71Productions Inc. Screenwriters: Jay Baruchel, Jesse Chabot Director: Jacob Tierney Space Cadet Les Films Outsiders inc. Screenwriter: Mylène Chollet Director: Kid Koala The Life and Death of John F. Donovan Lyla Films Inc. and Sons of Manual Productions Screenwriters: Xavier Dolan, Jacob Tierney Director: Xavier Dolan Jacqueline Ess Raven Banner Entertainment Screenwriter: Jovanka Vuckovic Director: Jovanka Vuckovic Entanglement Resonance Films Screenwriter: Jason Filiatrault Director: Jason James The Keeper Screen Siren Pictures Screenwriter: Graeme Manson Director: Zach Lipovsky A Last Life Sienna Films Inc. Screenwriter: Richie Mehta Director: Richie Mehta Daniel Dolphin and the Horn of the Sea Dragon Buck Productions and Silverlight Entertainment Inc. Screenwriters: Adam Mars, Sara Furlong Director: Adam Mars Far to Go House of Films Inc. Screenwriters: Hannah Moscovitch, Rosa Laborde Director: Larry Weinstein First to Second Draft Ripple’s Effect Cryingman Productions Screenwriters: Jeremy LaLonde, Ryan DeGama Director: Jeremy LaLonde Dragon Mountain Foundry Films Inc. Screenwriter: Naledi Jackson Gold Card Grown Up Films Screenwriter: Randall Cole Director: Randall Cole Turquoise Metafilms Inc. Screenwriter: Melanie Shatzky Director: Melanie Shatzky The Purchase Northwood Media and Three Legged Dog Films Screenwriter: Ed Gass-Donnelly Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly Debbie in the Forest Scythia Films Inc. Screenwriter: Jeffrey St. Jules Director: Jeffrey St. Jules Second to Final Draft Running Home Big Soul Productions Inc. Screenwriter: Zoe Leigh Hopkins Paper Year First Generation Films Inc. Screenwriter: Rebecca Addelman Director: Rebecca Addelman Second Stage Perpetual Motion Productions Inc. Screenwriter: Mark Leiren-Young Treatment to First Draft The Magic Hockey Skates Amberwood Productions Services Inc. Screenwriter: Kris Pearn Director: Kris Pearn Infidelity Quarterlife Crisis Productions Inc. and Euclid 431 Pictures Inc. Screenwriter: Geneviève Dulude-DeCelles Director: Geneviève Dulude-DeCelles Beasts Reprise Films Screenwriter: Nicolas Bolduc Director: Nicolas Bolduc Merry F__cking Christmas Screenwriters: Mark McKinney, Kelly Makin Director: Kelly Makin

The English-Language Program of the Harold Greenberg Fund, with contributions from The Movie Network and Viewers Choice Canada, provides reimbursable financial assistance for the development and production of feature films, as well as sponsoring industry workshops, training programs, festivals, special events, and awards. Since its inception in 1986, the Fund has supported nearly 4,000 projects and initiatives, for an investment of over $85 million to date in the Canadian film and television industry. It is proud to support the vision and works of Canadian storytellers.


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