CANADA'S WORST DRIVER Season 14 Participant Bios

— October 2, 2018

DARRIS, 22 Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Nominated By: His mother, Jen When Darris was 12, he was a passenger in a stolen car; they were speeding, lost control of the car, resulting in the death of his cousin. This traumatic experience hasn’t impacted Darris’ driving or actions on the road. Worse than his need for speed is his erratic temper and aggression behind the wheel. By 22, he has written off 4 vehicles and accumulated and fought over 100 tickets for serious driving infractions. His nominator is his mother, and his biggest enabler, as she helps Darris pay for his many fines and escalating insurance. But she has finally reached her breaking point – it’s time for Darris to grow up and take responsibility for his driving and consider the safety of others while on the road. BRANDON, 20 Hometown: Saint John, New Brunswick Nominated by: Best friend, Sarah Brandon’s driving motto is: “My car, my rules, my road.” Scrappy and outspoken, Brandon thinks he can do no wrong behind the wheel, but he lacks patience and hasn’t taken the time to actually learn how to drive properly. He struggles with basic technical movements, like parking and reversing.  Despite being an unskilled driver, he is keen on speeding. He stresses out easily while driving, experiencing significant anxiety behind the wheel. His nominator wants Brandon to learn how to drive so he can handle himself better on the road. Brandon is the only driver for his family; his ailing father needs to be driven to the hospital for weekly appointments. If Brandon were to lose his license, the outcome would be devastating to the family.
Ryan Whittier and nominator Dave
RYAN, 39 Hometown: Bedford, Nova Scotia Nominated by: Best friend, Dave Ryan, a father of three, is a distracted driver and excessive speeder who openly admits to driving while impaired. He’s been in multiple car accidents and has had countless speeding tickets. In order to stay on the road, Ryan has had to remortgage his house in order to pay for his tickets. For his nominator and best friend, it’s time for Ryan to get a handle on his reckless driving. Motivated by his kids, and his livelihood as a contractor, Ryan is starting to realize he’s at risk of losing it all if he doesn’t clean up his act. KARLENE, 62 Hometown: Airdrie, Alberta Nominated by: Husband, Darrell Karlene has always been a nervous fearful driver and didn’t get her license until she was 30. Her nervousness was amplified when, 12 years ago, as a pedestrian, she was struck by a car and badly injured. After two years of physiotherapy and recovery, Karlene was very hesitant to get behind the wheel again. But with so many doctors’ appointments, she needs to drive and be independent again. Her nominator, husband Darrell, wants Karlene to expand and be comfortable in a wider driving radius. Karlene also wants to become a confident driver because she can feel herself becoming isolated; she wants to be more involved in her 5 kids and 9 grand children’s lives. ALEXIS, 21 Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario Nominated by: Driving Instructor, Gerry In the 5 short years she’s had her driver’s license, Alexis has gone through 6 vehicles, all of which were completely damaged. In one of the crashes, she was T-boned while her infant daughter was in the backseat. Despite this, showing little remorse or concern, Alexis continues her reckless distracted driving. Her nominator wants Alexis to put her phone down while behind the wheel and focus on safety while driving. Alexis has now reached a point where her soaring insurance costs might force her to park her car permanently. If she doesn’t get help now, it’s the end of the road for Alexis. BRITTANY , 32 Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia Nominated by: Sister, Mia Occupation: Care Aid Between the bedazzled car console, oil diffuser, adorable puppy, mid-driving make-up application, and an ever-chiming cell phone, it’s no wonder Brittany has anxiety while driving. Unfortunately, Brittany’s anxiety manifests itself into full-on road rage. Since learning to drive, she’s received approximately 50 tickets ranging from a DUI, running red lights, speeding, and distracted driving; she’s also been involved in 20-30 accidents, written off 4 cars, and accumulated $80,000 in tickets and vehicle repairs. Brittany and her nominator, sister Mia, constantly clash over the recklessness and exorbitant amount of money wasted; Mia wants Brittany to get a handle on her driving and car repair costs, so they start repairing their relationship. DESCYARA, 28 Hometown: Campbellford-Havelock, Ontario Nominated by: Friend, Drew Occupation: Barn Removal Specialist Descyara (Descy) is a terror on the roads – she is a skilled driver who pushes the envelope so hard that safety and consequences go out the window. Erratic and reckless behind the wheel, she’s been in 6 accidents in just over a year and has a metal rod in her arm as a result of one of the crashes. As a mother of two, she’s fully aware that she’s putting her young passengers at risk, which is why all of her accidents happen when she’s alone. Descy has never had driver’s training and is completely self-taught. Her nominator, family and friends, believe Descy needs serious driving rehab before it’s too late.


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