Cheese Turns Blue for Josh on MASTERCHEF CANADA

— June 3, 2019


Special to The Lede

There was nothing cheesy about Josh Miller’s journey on MASTERCHEF CANADA. He savoured every aromatic minute of it.

But alas, it was blue cheese that thwarted Josh in a new episode that aired Monday on CTV. Having made great strides to advance to the top three, Josh - a youth care home manager from Regina - barely missed making it to next week’s two-cook finale between Jennifer Crawford, from Kingston, N.S., and Andre Bhagwandat, from Scarborough, Ont.

We asked Josh how he’s feeling today about his inspiring rise in the MASTERCHEF CANADA Kitchen, before falling just short of his ultimate goal.

Q: What was the best piece of advice you got on MASTERCHEF CANADA, and who gave it to you?

Josh: "The best advice I received was from two people. One, Rozin (Abbas) told me to stick to my chops and cook what I know. It was amazing to hear a fellow home cook love my food. Two, Chef Claudio (Aprile) told me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable."

Q: Was there an element of appearing on MASTERCHEF CANADA that was harder than you thought it would be, or harder than it looks on TV?

Josh: "Choosing which people to save. The other amazing home cooks were, and are, family. So to choose who to save was one of the hardest things to do. I never thought I would meet so many genuine people who are so unapologetically themselves. These are people I love."

Q: When we got down to the final three home cooks, the differences were so small. Having been forced to cook with blue cheese, do you think it was your soup that got you sent home, or your ravioli? And looking back, would you have done anything differently?

Josh: "Getting into the top three and having to rock blue cheese got to me. I struggled trying to find a way to feature it, but not overpower the judges' tastebuds. I think the soup was my biggest downfall. It was very runny and I don’t think it had the biggest punch of blue cheese. Looking back, I think I would have simplified my dishes a bit, because it was crazy trying to get all the elements done."

Q: With this experience under your belt, what's next for you in the cooking world?

Josh: "I’ve started a catering and private dinner party business in Regina. I would absolutely love to build a commercial kitchen that I can use not only for my business, but also as a space for cooking classes. And maybe one day I can be a special guest on Mary’s amazing new show (MARY'S KITCHEN CRUSH, starring MASTERCHEF CANADA winner Mary Berg). I think this beard would look magnificent on TV, cooking recipes for everyone to see and learn!"