Comedian Mark Forward spares a moment despite the self-fulfilling success of MARK FORWARD WINS ALL THE AWARDS on Crave

— February 22, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR Applying a Forward-thinking approach to comedy, the new stand-up special MARK FORWARD WINS ALL THE AWARDS is currently streaming on Crave. Ontario-native Mark Forward is counting on the special to live up to its name. A staple on the Canadian and international stand-up scenes, and also well-known for his role as Coach on the original Crave series LETTERKENNY, Forward’s special was produced in partnership with Just For Laughs and Counterfeit Pictures, and filmed at Toronto’s Longboat Hall during the JFL42 festival in September 2018. Given that the title of the special is MARK FORWARD WINS ALL THE AWARDS, we caught up with Forward for a quick Q-and-A, just before he becomes too famous to do interviews. Q: I assume the nominations have started to roll in? Mark Forward: “I got SAG. I got ACTRA. I got an Academy Award. I’m trying to think of other awards. I got an Emmy, two Emmys actually, they gave me two. Grammys. The Canadian one. So it has been really busy, but when you’re as talented as I am, you expect it.  A lot of acceptance speeches to write.” Q: Are you going to have different acceptance speeches every time, or will you be re-purposing? Mark Forward: “Uh, great question. You have to thank different people for different things, so I probably will have a different speech for each one. They all will have their own anecdotes and a story about a different place in Canada. But they’ll all go long, so an orchestra is going to follow me around all day, to play me off.” Q: At one point in the special, you complain that, “Every stand-up show now has to have a bleeping point.” I know you said it for a laugh, but there’s a nugget of truth in there, right? Mark Forward: “There very much is, and that was the nugget that grew this whole special. A lot of that is creeping into stand-up. My comedy is just silly and stupid, and I wanted to go back to that place. I mean, how many specials can you watch where you’re just told how to think and how to live? It gets tiresome, so it’s nice to turn on something silly. I mean, I watched Adam Sandler the other day and it was just so refreshingly playful. My stand-up never really has been telling anyone how to think. So I just loved the idea for this special, and kind of ran with it.” Q: Speaking of moving swiftly, you do a lot of “storming off” in the special, out of camera range, and then you storm back in, to great comedic effect. But you can’t do that everywhere, right? Is that a venue-specific element of your act? Mark Forward: “They knew what I needed for the special, and they found that venue. But yeah, I did that in Edinburgh, too, and the venue had stairs. So I was going up and down the stairs the entire show. That’s why in the special, at one point I say, ‘Have you ever written a show that you’re too fat for?’ That’s where that line came from, because depending on the venue, I might be exhausted every night.” Q: If MARK FORWARD WINS ALL THE AWARDS does its job, do you think big-time success will change you? Mark Forward: “Yeah, hopefully financially. And more people will know my name, and not call me Rick.” Q: Well, it has been great talking to you, Rick. Mark Forward: “No worries.” @billharris_tv
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