Crave’s festive binge-watching guide

— December 17, 2018

Everyone's experience during the holidays is different, but many of us will find ourselves with a chunk of time to dive into a series or a movie you may have heard about but haven't seen... and yet there's so much programming to match your many moods - where to begin? Don’t fret – the all-new Crave is here for you. Here are some helpful hints: If you missed some of the best TV of 2018… Crave is home to some of the year’s most buzzworthy hits including BARRY (starring Bill Hader and Henry Winkler in their Emmy®-winning roles), SUCCESSION (GQ called it “summer’s sharpest show”), SHARP OBJECTS (nominated for three Golden Globe Awards), MY BRILLIANT FRIEND (described by The Globe and Mail as “possibly the most exquisite drama of the year”), and PATRICK MELROSE from SHOWTIME (starring Golden Globe-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch). If you need a good laugh... No one has done more to make nerds cool than the lovable cast of THE BIG BANG THEORY. With the series set to wrap up in 2019, now is the perfect time to discover (or remember) how it all began, with the first seven seasons available to stream. How did Penny (Kaley Cuoco) ever afford that big apartment in the early days, anyway? If you need a good scare... Many of us travel to our hometowns during the holidays, but this is one homecoming that will rattle your chains. CASTLE ROCK focuses on Henry Deaver (Andre Holland), who returns to his old Maine stomping grounds after receiving a strange request.   Would a request ever be anything but strange when the story is set in the creative world of horror author Stephen King? If thrillers thrill you... One of the most acclaimed TV series of 2018, KILLING EVE is an intriguing psychological cat-and-mouse game between a green but tenacious government-security employee named Eve (Sandra Oh) and a killer-for-hire whose real name is somewhat in question (Jodie Comer). They wind up being obsessed with each other in a way that isn't healthy for either party. If you like mixing fact with fiction... We're not sure which series you should watch first, but a great companion piece to KILLING EVE is THE WHITE PRINCESS, if only to showcase Jodie Comer's diversity. In THE WHITE PRINCESS, Comer plays Elizabeth "Lizzie" of York, who must use her wit, wisdom, and mystical power to ward off rivals at a time when England's War of the Roses was over in theory, but not in practice. If you need to boost your festive spirit... You don't need to overthink it. If you watch, or re-watch, HOME ALONE, you can live vicariously through that cute little Macaulay Culkin as his character Kevin thwarts bad guys and saves Christmas. And if you're "thirsty for more," as Kevin would say, you also can check out HOME ALONE 2. Kevin and the all-new Crave wish you a safe, secure, and happy holiday!
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