CraveTV Raves: All of HBO Canada Original Series SENSITIVE SKIN now steaming.

— December 15, 2017

Over two seasons, SENSITIVE SKIN, starring Kim Cattrall (SEX AND THE CITY), garnered nine Canadian Screen Award nominations, including Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Comedic Role for Cattrall, and two wins for her co-star and the series’ director, Don McKellar (The Grand Seduction). All twelve episodes start streaming today as part of CraveTV’s #iCraveFridays weekly roll-out of new content. Supported by A-list talent and an award-winning production pedigree, SENSITIVE SKIN is about a woman of a certain age and her long-time husband attempting to change their lives. The series is executive produced by Cattrall along with co-star McKellar, who directs all episodes, and Gemini Award winner Bob Martin (SLINGS AND ARROWS), who wrote the entire first season. Adapted from the acclaimed BBC Two program of the same name SENSITIVE SKIN was shot in Toronto. In addition to the Canadian Screen Awards recognition, the first season of SENSITIVE SKIN garnered an International Emmy for Best Comedy Series. The second season was shot on location on the scenic Toronto Islands. In a Canadian broadcast first, HBO Canada made the entire first season available exclusively to subscribers following its broadcast debut in July 2014 and aired its final episode in June, 2016. Critical acclaim for SENSITIVE SKIN: “It’s a shiny entry that brings something new to Canadian TV without belabouring the point. McKellar’s vision of Toronto reflects the show’s biting humour, the laugh that ends in a whimper. His lens captures a city spotted with cranes and gleaming, ice-cold towers of glass and concrete.” – The Globe and Mail  “. . . Cattrall has never been better on the small screen.” – The Guardian “It is sharp, witty, and positively charming. While many Canadian series lack that special "something" right out of the gate, "SENSITIVE SKIN" has smart writing and interesting characters, and completely embraces that element we often forget about: humour.” – The Huffington Post Canada “SENSITIVE SKIN has one of the classiest pedigrees of any recent local TV product, with a cast that boasts Gleason, Kim Cattrall, Don McKellar, Colm Feore, Elliott Gould and Mary Walsh.” – Toronto Star