CraveTV's December Programming Highlights - Addendum

— November 28, 2016

ADDENDUM Information about CraveTV’s December lineup is outlined below; titles are listed in order of streaming start dates. CraveTV adds new programming every week on #iCraveFridays: Thursday, Dec. 1 MASTERCHEF CANADA: A HOLIDAY SPECIAL (Reality TV/ The Holiday Collection) MASTERCHEF CANADA: A HOLIDAY SPECIAL features four of the Season 1 home cooks: fun-loving Albertan Dora Cote; runner-up Marida Mohammed; loveable dad Pino DiCerbo; and larger-than-life flavour queen Tammara Behl – who are all joined by their families for the chance to win $10,000 for the charity of their choice.  COMEDY CENTRAL'S ALL STAR NON-DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (Comedies/ Stand-Up Comedy/ The Holiday Collection) This night of celebration features a variety of comedy personalities presenting the most awesome Advent calendar ever. Appearances include: late-night television host Stephen Colbert, Jon Hamm (MAD MEN), Nick Kroll (COMEDY BANG! BANG!), Larry Wilmore (HBO’s INSECURE), Comedian Nathan Fielder (NATHAN FOR YOU), and Abby Jacobson and Ilana Glazer from BROAD CITY. MICHAEL BUBLÉ'S 3RD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (Music/ The Holiday Collection) CraveTV delivers the perfect addition to the holiday season with MICHAEL BUBLÉ’S 3RD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. In this one-hour special, the multi-Grammy® and JUNO Award-winning singer delivers some of his most popular songs, alongside some of his favourite guest performers, including Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige.  A COLBERT CHRISTMAS: THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL! (Comedies/ The Holiday Collection) The Grammy Award-winning Christmas special presents Stephen Colbert and guest stars Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, John Legend, Feist, Jon Stewart, and more.  CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (Discovery/ The Holiday Collection) In this Discovery special, three couples decorate the outsides of their homes and draw huge crowds.  A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1951) (The Holiday Collection/ Dramas) In this holiday classic, an old bitter miser is given a chance for redemption when he is haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. Starring Alastair Sim and Kathleen Harrison and presented in the original black and white version A RUSSELL PETERS CHRISTMAS (The Holiday Collection/ Comedy) A RUSSELL PETERS CHRISTMAS is a colourful mix of standup, comedic sketches, stop-motion animation, and musical performances. The special pays homage to the variety shows of the past and has elements audiences haven’t seen before. Christmas Time in South Park (Comedies/ Sitcoms) A compilation of all of the SOUTH PARK Christmas episodes, including: "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics,” "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo,” "It's Christmas in Canada," and “A Very Crappy Christmas.” Doctor Who: The Christmas Specials (Sci-Fi & Fantasy/ British TV/Dramas) A compilation of all of the DOCTOR WHO Christmas episodes, including: “A Christmas Carol,” and "The Husbands of River Song”. Friday, Dec. 2 TRUE DETECTIVE – Seasons 1 & 2 (HBO A-Z/ HBO Dramas/ Dramas/ Crime & Mystery) TRUE DETECTIVE is HBO’s anthology mini-series from Nic Pizzolatto. Season 1 tells the story of two Louisiana State detectives (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) and their 17-year hunt for a ritual killer. Season 2 focuses on a high-profile murder in a decrepit, corrupt city in LA County, and stars Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Kitsch. THE DOORS: WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE (Music/ Documentaries) Narrated by Johnny Depp, the one-hour documentary takes a close look at the late '60s and early '70s rock band The Doors, including rare, exclusive footage. ANGIE TRIBECA – Season 1 (Comedies/ Sitcoms) The 10-episode, half-hour comedy trails 10-year veteran detective Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones), who’s paired with an unwanted partner, J Geils (Hayes MacArthur, Life As We Know It). The series also stars Jere Burns (JUSTIFIED) as Lt. Chet Atkins, Angie’s unconventional boss; Deon Cole (BLACK-ISH) as DJ Tanner, a detective who works in the K-9 unit, and Andre Vermeulen (NEW GIRL) as Dr. Monica Scholls, the quirky medical examiner. Guest stars this season include Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2), Lisa Kudrow (FRIENDS), and Adam Scott (PARKS AND RECREATION). Sunday, Dec.  4 10 p.m. ET – THE AFFAIR – Season 3, Episode 3 (Showtime / Crime & Mystery/ Dramas) Synopsis currently unavailable.  Friday, Dec. 9 PERSON OF INTEREST – Season 5 (Crime & Mystery/ Dramas) In the fifth and final season, the cold war is over. The world might look the same, but something has drastically changed. Samaritan's lethal "correction" has initiated its control. Finch's (Michael Emmerson, LOST) machine is essentially dead. Shaw (Sarah Shahi, THE L WORD) is still missing. And the team is once again hiding in plain sight. GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF (HBO / Documentaries) From Oscar® winner Alex Gibney, the captivating HBO documentary examines the origins of The Church of Scientology, from its roots in the mind of founder L. Ron Hubbard to its rise in popularity in Hollywood and beyond. The heart of the film is a series of shocking revelations by former insiders, including high-ranking and recognizable members such as acclaimed screenwriter Paul Haggis (Crash, SHOW ME A HERO), as they describe the systematic history of abuse and betrayal by Church officials, including the current leadership of the Church.  JESUS: THE MISSING HISTORY (Discovery/ Historic TV) Using the latest scientific and historical data, in this Dicovery Special, host Kent Dobson examines the life of Jesus. ONE & DONE (Showtime/ Documentaries/ Sports) This documentary from SHOWTIME chronicles the sprawling journey of number-one NBA draft pick Ben Simmons. From a relatively anonymous Australian upbringing, to high school and college in America, to the top of the rookie class in the world's foremost basketball league, ONE & DONE chronicles a pivotal period in a young man's life, capturing Simmons and his inner circle as they realize a lifelong dream in the limelight of an exclusive fraternity of top NBA draft picks. MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR (Showtime) This concert special from SHOWTIME features a collection of live and behind-the-scenes footage shot around the world, culminating in performances at the Sydney Olympic Park in March of this year. MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION SPECIAL (Reality TV/ The Holiday Collection) In MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION, four MASTERCHEF CANADA champions are joined by their families to compete in four increasingly difficult culinary challenges: the Better-Half Skills Race, the Mother and Child Mystery Box, the Bossy Sibling Coaching Challenge, and the Family Feast Team Cook. Over the course of the two-hour special, select family members will compete alongside Eric, David, Mary, and Pino, as they work to impress the judges with their creativity and skill. The family who cooks their way to victory will win the first MASTERCHEF CANADA: ALL-STAR FAMILY EDITION and $10,000 for their chosen charity.  DAVID BLAINE: BEYOND MAGIC (Reality TV) In his most revealing performance yet, the one-hour special explores Blaine’s trademark style of street magic as he once again stuns his audience. Viewers witness as David Blaine blows the minds of an all-star line-up of celebrities, including Canadian superstar Drake, Steph Curry, Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, Dave Chappelle, Margot Robbie, Patrick Stewart, David Beckham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, and more. Sunday, Dec.  11 10 p.m. ET – THE AFFAIR – Season 3, Episode 4 (Showtime / Crime & Mystery/  Dramas) Synopsis currently unavailable  Friday, Dec. 16 FULL CIRCLE – Season 2 (Dramas/ If You Liked Sex and the City) Season 2 centres on Jimmy Parerra (Terry O’Quinn, LOST), a Chicago cop who 18 years ago, blew the whistle on police corruption in Chicago, which sent his own father-in-law, Chief Detective Bud O’Rourke (Stacy Keach), to federal prison for life. This season is inspired by Frank Serpico whistleblowing act in NYC, and stars Calista Flockhart (ALLY MCBEAL) and Canadian Eric McCormack (WILL & GRACE)  THE ROLLING STONES: LIVE AT HAMPTON COLISEUM (Music) The Rolling Stones American Tour in 1981 was the most successful tour of that year taking in a then-record $50-million dollars in ticket sales. The tour was in support of the critically and commercially successful “Tattoo You” album, and one of its shows became the first-ever music concert to be broadcast on television as a pay-per-view event. The footage has now been carefully restored and the sound has been newly mixed.  TEEN MOM OG – Season 1-4 (Teen Drama/ Reality TV) In 16 AND PREGNANT, they were moms-to-be. Now, follow Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn as they face the challenges of motherhood. Each episode interweaves these stories, revealing the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face: marriage, relationships, family support, adoption, finances, graduating high school, starting college, getting a job, and the daunting and exciting step of moving out to create their own families CATFISH – Season 1-4 (Reality TV) From the producers of the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary film Catfish comes a TV version, which follows the journey of couples who have formed an online relationship but have never met in person. Filmmakers Yaniv "Nev" Schulma whose own online love drama was the subject of the Catfish film and Max Joseph travel around the United States to tell the stories of these hopeful romantic partners, and each hour-long episode is filled with mystery, surprises, and sometimes even shocking revelations as one partner discovers the truth about his or her significant other. RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE: THE LAWRENCE PHILLIPS STORY (Showtime Documentaries/ Sports) This feature-length documentary from SHOWTIME examines the troubled life and tragic death of college football standout and talented NFL running back Lawrence Phillips, whose scars of childhood abuse and abandonment haunted him throughout his career. Sunday, Dec.  18 10 p.m. ET – THE AFFAIR – Season 3, Episode 5 (Showtime. Crime & Mystery/ Dramas) Synopsis currently unavailable Friday, Dec. 23 ZERO DAYS (Showtime / Documentaries/ Science & Tech) From SHOWTIME, Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney explores the phenomenon of Stuxnet, a self-replicating computer virus discovered in 2010 by international IT experts. Evidently commissioned by the U.S. and Israeli governments, this malware was designed to specifically sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. However, the complex computer worm ended up not only infecting its intended target but also spreading uncontrollably. Although to this day officially denied, Stuxnet was created by allied forces pursuing their own agendas, and in doing so opened up the Pandora’s box of cyber warfare. BUYING ALASKA – Season 3 (Discovery/  Reality TV) From Discovery, BUYING ALASKA follows one home buyer as they check out three unique properties to find their ultimate Alaskan retreat. Offering much more than living quarters, these properties are so in tune with the extraordinary landscape that it's often what's beyond the house that proves to be the main attraction – from the ability to hunt and fish from a back deck, to extreme seclusion on your own private island, to self-sustaining features such as smokehouses and greenhouses.  MOONSHINERS – Season 2 (Discovery/ Reality TV) Moonshining – a multi-million dollar industry based on a practice that’s more than 200 years old – brings “shiners” from all across Appalachia, and as far south as Mississippi, who are working with the elements to create the stuff of legends. MOONSHINERS shares the stories of the men and women who keep tradition alive – and make a fortune in the process – distilling illegal whiskey in the back woods of their respective territories. Sunday, Dec. 25 LETTERKENNY – Season 2 (Comedies/ Sitcoms/  All-Canadian) Season 2 of LETTERKENNY sees the return of The Hicks: Wayne (Jared Keeso) and his best bud Daryl (Nathan Dales), “Squirrely” Dan (K Trevor Wilson), and Wayne’s sister Katy (Michelle Mylett), and their epic rivals The Skids starring Tyler Johnston as “lead skid” Stewart, and Alexander De Jordy as side-skid Devon. Also back for another season of chirping and checking, Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr lace up as The Hockey Players, Reilly and Jonesy.  Friday, Dec. 30 HEROIN: CAPE COD, USA (HBO / Documentaries) From HBO, this documentary is an unvarnished, cinema-verité look at the heroin epidemic currently sweeping America’s small towns and communities, chronicling several opiate-addicted young adults in idyllic Cape Cod, Massachusetts. CAR FIX – Season 1 (Discovery Science & Tech) CAR FIX is the ultimate "how-to" series featuring the talents of Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman. This dynamic duo showcases special hands-on automotive projects including modifications, upgrades, and repairs, using high-end performance and aftermarket products that car junkies can't wait to get their hands on. DON'T DRIVE HERE – Seasons 1-2 (Discovery/ Reality TV/ All-Canadian) From Discovery Canada, Host Andrew Young learns to get around the world’s least drivable cities, including: Bangkok, Ulaanbaatar, and Ho Chi Minh City, with a little help from local driving pros. HIGHWAY THRU HELL – Season 2 (Discovery/ Reality TV/ All-Canadian) HIGHWAY THRU HELL follows the men of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue as they fight to keep open some of the most economically important, most-travelled – and most-inhospitable – trucking routes in North America. A SEASON WITH FLORIDA STATE FOOTBALL (Showtime) From the classroom to the locker room, to the kick-off each week, A SEASON WITH transports viewers behind-the-scenes, beyond the field, and into the lives of student athletes as they compete throughout the season. Viewers can go deep inside the world of a Division One college football program in this SHOWTIME factual series, following the players and coaches as their respective season long journeys unfold.


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